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Conway, Arkansas

Agitation, building your companions’ confidence and level of intensity
is an extremely delicate task. Trainers that do not have experience in
building a dog from the beginning stages of personal protection to the
finishing stages of personal protection can hurt or damage dogs’ drive
and level of confidence.

There are trainers out there that would have you leave your
companion, for an unspecified time frame, and then you’re told to pick
up your fully trained protection dog.

At K9 Corps, we feel this is a very dangerous method of training and
we would never encourage this method. The bond that you and your
companion have is crucial to protection training. Your companions’
love for you is a large part of protection training.

At K9 Services, we love our companions and would never want to be
without them. All of our protection training includes the handler and his
Protection training is, IN NO WAY, a game or a sport. The liability and added responsibility of owning a protection
dog is phenomenal and should NEVER be taken lightly.

With this much liability and responsibility it makes little sense to not have the handler involved in his companions
training. A handler that has no concept of how to handle a protection dog is, in our opinion, more dangerous than
the dog.

At K9 Services, we encourage family involvement, since your companion may end up protecting a family member
from a potentially violent crime.
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Member of N.N.D.D.A
(National Narcotic Detector Dog Association)
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