Certified Instructor
Member of N.N.D.D.A
(National Narcotic Detector Dog Association)
Member of AKC
(American Kennel Club)
More than 20 Years Experience
Conway, Arkansas
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Here at K-9 Corps of Conway we strive to teach you how to communicate
with your dog very effectively. We stand behind all of our training techniques.
We will teach you how you may achieve the level of behavior you desire.

No matter how small or big  you dog is,  we believe you and your dog will
benefit from obedience training. Whether it is teaching basic obedience or
applying behavior modification techniques to teach your dog how to be a well
mannered companion.

Our goal at K-9 Corps of Conway is to provide training related services that
enhance the performance and behavior for your dog.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. You may also
schedule a meeting with us to discuss the different levels of training we provide.
Welcome to K-9 Corps of Conway.

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation!

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Pastor Randy Long & Scout
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Kim Luke & Lilly
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Dave Flowers & Judge
Narda & Javaughn & Zeus
Henry  & Sergeant
Tina & Oliver
Larry & Camillus & Abby
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