More than 20 Years Experience
Conway, Arkansas

At K9 Corps of Conway, we offer (5) obedience programs. Our basic
novice course is $150.00. Our programs range from novice
obedience through advanced obedience including hand signals and
off leash control.

At K9 Corps of Conway, ALL our training sessions are private. This
way of having a trainer work one on one with you and your dog will
achieve the results you want at a pace, which is right for the both of

At K9 Corps of Conway, we believe that all dogs want to please their
owners. The biggest barrier is communication. We teach you to
effectively communicate with your dog. The most important tool we will
give you during these programs is the “positive reinforcement”
approach. This means getting your dog to do what you want with
praise and reward.

We also expect patience and firmness. (But NEVER abusive)
Owning a dog is lifetime commitment, and at K9 Corps of Conway, we want that commitment to be mutually
rewarding for both you and your dog. Training your dog is an absolute necessity in building a strong relationship,
and makes a dog happy because they want to please.

A trained dog is welcome almost everywhere and makes his family proud. In addition, any behavior problems
such as jumping, chewing, digging and housebreaking, can be discussed and modified during your obedience

Call today (501-350-2607) for a FREE 30-minute consultation to see which program is right for your dog.

We furnish a FREE leash and training collar to everyone who enrolls.
Certified Instructor
Member of N.N.D.D.A
(National Narcotic Detector Dog Association)
Member of AKC
(American Kennel Club)
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