Certified Instructor
Member of N.N.D.D.A
(National Narcotic Detector Dog Association)
Member of AKC
(American Kennel Club)
More than 20 Years Experience
Conway, Arkansas
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Dennis Moore is a trainer who is a combination of knowledge and ability. He can take your dog and show
you how to make him mind in a matter of a few sessions. He is always there when you need him.
Carole G.
Conway, AR

Ten years ago my wife and I got a beautiful German Shepard puppy from a friend.  We already had a Blue
Heeler puppy that was about three months old. Our concern was that the German Shepard puppy was
very large and playfully wild, causing us to fear that he would hurt the Blue Heeler. We knew that we were
going to have to get control of him before he got too big. I remembered that my friend Dennis Moore was a
certified dog trainer with a K-9 corp so I gave him a call and asked if he would train my German Shepard.
Dennis did a fantastic job training Scholar and to this day my wife and I think that we must have the most
obedient and smartest dog in the world. We highly recommend Dennis Moore to anyone needing to have
their dog trained.
Franklin Davis
Conway, Arkansas

We have a boxer named Layla. We had heard stories about boxers and how they are very lively dogs.
Dennis Moore of K-9 Corps wanted to meet Layla at about 4 months old to get an idea of her personality
and attention span. At that time Layla was too young to take it all in – it was a great help that Dennis knew
well enough to tell us that we needed to wait a couple of months to train. Even at six months we knew we’
d need some kind of training. Not just for her but for us as well, neither of us has ever done any training or
even had a trained dog growing up.

In going through the basic training classes with Dennis we learned the really important things first. The
“heel” command; it was a huge stepping stone for us. Even at six months Layla was able to pull me
around and I knew that we would have to learn how to give her commands to heel if I ever wanted to be
able to take her for a walk or run with me.

Dennis did an amazing job with her. He taught us how to use our voices in different ways to make her
respond. He was also very good with not moving to quickly to the next command until she had grasped
the previous command. He wanted to make sure that we weren’t building on things that were not fully
understood first. We went through heel, sit, lay down, stay, and stay from several feet away. At the end we
went through a “final test”. I think we actually had to do it twice before we passed – but it told me that
Dennis was not there to just get through the course – he wanted to make sure that Layla (and ourselves)
had learned everything that needed to be learned. Today Layla still listens to the commands that we
learned. I feel that we greatly benefited by going through this course with Dennis. Today we have no
problems with the “boxer personality” and I truly believe a lot of it is because of what we learned with
Dennis and K-9 Corps.
Brent Turner
Conway, Arkansas

I adopted an English Mastiff about 2 years ago and named her Maggie. Her mother weighed 166lb and
her father weighed 185lb. As a single, 5ft 3in woman I wanted to feel safe and in control. I immediately
started looking for a trainer. I ask several people and then decided to call Dennis Moore of K-9 Corps of
Conway. The first thing Dennis told me was that he was here to train me and to train my dog. I could tell a
huge difference after the first class. Dennis made me feel more confident, more secure and in control
than I ever imagined. Thanks to Dennis I have a great relationship with Maggie and feel confident that I
can take her anywhere.
Lacy Lauer
Conway, Arkansas